One of the most challenging phases we are going through in our lives is the process of learning how to communicate, aka how to be clear.

This process demands first and foremost that we ourselves understand what we need, what makes us happy, what is bothering us, who are we and where are our boundaries etc
This is the first step

Then i need to find the way to communicate with the world
I need to open my heart
I need to open my mouth
I need to find the courage to express ME
I need to support ME all the way
I need to be compassionate about my weaknesses in communication

But there is also another step:
To whom am I delivering my message?
I need to be compassionate about the other person as well and find the right way to make myself understood
It’s not only someone else’s problem, when I am not understood

Over the years i managed with love and acceptance to swallow my pride and often I find myself asking “silly” question when I haven’t completely understood, what is being said.
I found myself practicing patience explaining to others what I want to say, in a way that is understood by them

The most important though is, that I support myself over and over to speak up, to be heard and this is a difficult process, we all know about it.
Especially women we carry body memory in our body that sends us the signal of being in danger every time we open our mouth to speak up (domestic violence on women, history events that involve torturing women who stood up for themselves etc)

Only recently, though, I have  learned, that I need to BE
When you are in your truth, the other resonates with that, and even if you don’t “win”, you feel the satisfaction of the “winner’. And all of that because, yourself was heard by You.
That is the thing about everyone, everything in creation, every disease, every child’s scream (inner or physical), everything!

That required tremendous healing on me, nurturing my fears of being exposed, “licking” my wounds from my past and learning the art of Radiating myself to the world.

I also saw that I share my experience and knowledge with my groups, friends, patients, everyone who need to be empowered and supporteded throughout this amazing journey in life.

I love and honor every human being that had to play the part to “make my life difficult”. I love and honor every step of my way that brought me in my NOW moment. I became a better person.