Today I see her
She is a little girl in elementary school, she wants to play, she wants to be included.
For some reason, children don’t seem particularly interested to play with her, for some reason she takes it as rejection.
Her response to this is, something must be wrong with me.

This will haunt her for the years to come.
She will try desperately to please others, to prove to them how worthy she is, they should include her in their lives, give her acknowledgement, choose her. This unsatisfied part of her will turn into a pattern and will play out eventually in every part of her life, relationships, friendships, communities, everywhere. She is pleasing people over her needs, she doesn’t understand the price she pays for it. She is willing to pay.

Later in years, she understands more about it. She sees the family constellation, the transgenerational trauma.
She learns to observe it. A lot of meditation, sharing and breathing.
Recently, only a few months ago, she asked one of her clients “what gets in the way between now and where you want to be?” and this question is clinging to her too.
Today, this girl who needs to be seen and to be loved, is still here, in a woman’s body, at times stronger at times in peace …

Today I see her. I say to her, I will play with you
Not trying to shush her or convince her about another truth she needs to believe. I’m not trying to fool her, neither I wish to let her down.

I will stand by her and her pain
I will not judge her
I will honour the sacred pain she feels and the conditioning of this world
I will be proud of the wisdom she gets out of it
I will be close to her pain and empower her to go through it
I will hold space so she remembers Who She Is.
Today I light a candle for her and I say ” I See You”
I hold space for the most vulnerable part and its expression in the present moment

You Are Seen