Roula Papathanasiou offers her services online or in person in Greece and abroad. One on one sessions, wellbeing festivals, private retreats and workshops are a few ways of sharing her passion with others.

She uses a variety of modalities to connect with people’s soul, reveal their truth and remind them of “who they are”. She approaches the core issue of their imbalance (problem) whether on the physical or emotional body and she connects them to their trauma/ undeveloped parts. She creates a space where people can take some distance from the issues they’re dealing with, so that they gain a different perspective. This is an instant revitalizing process for everyone. After the session with her people report that they feel safe, calm, empowered, lighter, nurtured and often times they experience profound moments during the sessions.

In her first book “The Wings of Change (I-Write publication)” she shares new ways to experience reality in challenging personal and collective times.

She feels it as a legacy she leaves on the planet and she enjoys enormously offering her gifts with free material in her videos with short, weekly inspirations published in her social media.

A legacy is a lasting impact on the world. It’s a gift that is passed down through generations (…) Leaving a legacy means dreaming big and changing the world for the better” Tony Robbins.

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