I spend a lot of my time travelling around the world (mostly because of my work) and this led me to offer my services also online, as with some people we wish to continue with our connection and working together even If I am not in their country. Or start working together, if you feel a connection.

One more reason here is because I hear your needs and your trust is such an honour for me! It is the driving force that moves me towards my personal growth too.

Roula Papathanasiou
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I Accept

I am available for online empowerment sessions. Each session can include, apart from our discussion, breathwork, trauma release techniques, distance energy healing, meditation and training you in the areas of your life where you need support the most.

The whole point to me and my long-life work is to facilitate the inner processes of people so they come to a place of empowerment, in order to connect with their true self eventually, the way I have found mine. To create safe space, so as to enable pure LOVE merging from within!  

Some points I focus on very often:

Sometimes in life is better to work together. We need that.

I am whole by myself AND I see my reflection on You. I am exploring myself when I am with You. I see my «easy» points as well as my shadow parts. The UBUNTU concept.

There is no blame, nor shame in asking for support. Especially for us, the teachers, facilitators, bodyworkers, everyone that is going through difficult times supporting loved ones, yes, it’s us that we feel the shame to reach out for support. Because we are supposed to be the strong ones. Because we are so used to give all the time and we think we could do everything alone. And it’s true, We can! But we exhaust ourselves in the meantime and we deplete our bodies.

Besides, we are used to be rigid and judgmental with ourselves, and the opinion of others challenges us. But is it fair to us?

I also learned how to allow myself to accept support and actually this turned out to be a Blessing! Sometimes we need someone else to cover our back. And this doesn’t mean that we are not strong or good enough already on our own.

In this way, I am here available for you to reach out to me.

Is not going to involve human touch, but it’s all about connection!

Possible areas to explore and work together during our session (but not limited in these areas):

  • Feminine energy vs masculine toxic energy within us and in outer reality
  • How to create a safe space between people so we can grow from love and express ourselves- better communication– support
  • Allow receiving
  • Judgmental thinking- get un-used to it!
  • Say Yes to Life
  • Addictions
  • Move on to the next level that is there for you
  • Integrate broken parts of you 
  • Parent- child issues, family–blood line patterns, health issues
  • Working in other dimensions
  • Rebalance relationships before they grow apart (possibly with a divorce)
  • Why you are already successful

Please note that I am not here to do the journey for you. Instead, I would like to invite You to ask yourself:

Am I ready to take responsibility for myself?

I know it sounds scary and probably we will always feel this way, is only human. But, I invite You to transcend from the place of fear into the place of unconditional Self-Love and make the next step.

I invite you to find the courage to see the truth and perceive this stage in your life as an area of growth no matter how dark, crazy or awkward it seems. You allow, I facilitate this process, so you can find the tools that are already within you and walk your journey. You are not alone.

You worth it!

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