The vagus nerve and its connection to unresolved trauma within our bodies

Was reading the following article the other day and felt into my own beautiful journey… another chance to see myself naked. Another chance to write down a few of my thoughts. I hope they inspire and support You on your healing journey. Please remember: You are not alone!

The more I am able to hold myself through my healing journey, the more I realize the following

* We are not aware of the extension of trauma we carry within, thus we live with it, we are used of it and we carry our lives around it unaware of it

* The trauma is equivalent to our unique possibilities

* The only real medicine for it is forgiveness and compassion for our self

* We are responsible for our healing journey, there is no one to blame, not the ones who created our wounds, neither the ones in our life now

* We are breaking the abusive cycles of generations behind us, it is only natural the pain we feel, the burdens we carry, the difficulties we face. Breathe it all in. All is well. Remember to be kind to ourselves

* Who We Really Are is a lifelong process to discover. We are work in progress

* Searching for our authentic voice is our birthright and not a luxury

* We are so damaged that we are unable to give and receive love, appreciation, support, kindness, acceptance. We are trapped in the abusive cycles of subconscious punishment – we feel comfortable with it because these behaviours are imitating the behaviours of one parent or both of our parents. Whether we try to heal them or to heal our connection with them or they‘re simply familiar and therefore safe- yes! Even the abuse is a pattern that leads to safety and serves us in multiple ways

* People who “see” us and are willing to hold space for us, challenge us to grow, promote a loving and caring relationship with us, appreciate us for who we are (even in the come down from our dark nights) are people who help us to discover and establish a new way to relate with others

* We need to observe the red flags in relationships when we feel rejected, left out, shut down, numb, judged, not free, not appreciated, ashamed, bullied, afraid. How do we react in situations like these? Where are our boundaries and what is not negotiable for us?

* We need to observe what we do in order to earn other peoples’ love. Remember what we used to do when we were children to earn our parents’ appreciation, attention or love

* We need to search for signs within our bodies that will confirm What and Who is good for us (to name a few: gut feeling, low or high energy for action, resistance, fatigue, expansion or heaviness in the heart, pain in the lower back, heaviness in the head, discomfort in one or both legs, feeling of unease or natural joy)

* meditation, long walks, swimming, massage, dance, focus sessions, engagement with nature, stay playful, tantra work, empowerment sessions, voice activation coaching, drawing, yoga, keeping a journal – excellent ways to approach and resolve our old stories

For the article that inspired my article, you can read here