For some time now it’s been clear that we are entering into something new, unfamiliar and we need to step up our game. We didn’t want to, still don’t want to admit it, but the pressure that’s been applied to the world it’s a call for action. And this action has to do with our inner world, to begin with. Not only with the external circumstances and how we handle them from now on. The world as we knew it, it’s leaving us. We are entering a new era. But don’t worry. If you are still here, it means that you were meant to be here and everything you need to survive and potentially thrive in this new order of things is already installed within you. We are already wired with the wisdom we need to go through this wave and breakthrough.

Trust in you. You are here for many reasons. It’s not a coincidence. You are here because you are still supported by the frequency of the collective- earth- yourself.

Everything begins with the valuable gift of doubt. We‘re wondering whether the current situation of our life is still serving us. Then the gradual dismantle/ disruption begins and although we hoped for it, we are still so scared to recognize the signs of transition because (the same old story) we are so scared to leave our old narrative/self/patterns behind. Why? Because they are familiar and comfortable. Even when they make us sick or they deprive us of the gift of love and happiness. But we know them and they know us. We are in a relationship.

But eventually, it becomes clear after struggling and fighting a thousand times (or even more) that the longing for something New in our life is stronger than the fear to move on. And we lose the resistance. And we surrender. And we allow. We are still scared and we cry like unprotected babies. And it’s ok. Our need to experience a new story for our self is still stronger. The wheels of change are already in motion and nothing can reverse that.

Same story with our world. We needed the change.

And we are scared.

And it’s ok!

This is the opportunity to discover our grandiose. Our inner power. Our ability to endure. That we are built not only for survival but mostly for creation.

This is the time to let go of old patterns, old narratives, old stories that we keep repeating ourselves. This is the time to visualize the most outrageous scenario that would make us happy. To trust in our self, to trust in our luck. To trust in each other.

We can dig deeper into our family constellation. We have the ability to breathe in it and see it for the first time for what it truly is about. Cry, scream, run away, sweat, get angry, do whatever it takes but move this energy that‘s been stuck there for years. Move it and let it go. Make space for your new story, your new baby. Make space to embrace a new version of Υou.

No, don’t deny you. On the contrary. Nourish you, accept you to the core, give yourself what you need, and when the time comes (don’t force it) you will be guided by your inner wisdom.

No, you are not here by accident. You are here to serve yourself, your loved ones, the world with your gifts. And it’s ok if you are reading these lines and you still have no clue what are your gifts. Please believe that You are here for many reasons. Have faith in that. So you keep the door of transformation open and your divine essence can enter in you. It is our job not to lose our trust and faith in ourself, in people, in the greater plan that is out there. And when we lose it, it’s ok again. We go for a walk. Then the next day we‘ll feel better, I promise you that.

Do you want to receive love? Be love, Practise love

It’s high time we created from a space of love. This is the true healing we are talking about. Why? Ask yourself now, right now this very moment, how difficult it is to express through love, compassion, understanding, acceptance, forgiveness to someone else? To your family? To the world out there?  To rise above. Despite what you receive from them. Despite the chaos. Despite the agony, the unsafety and the constant reminder that you are in danger (check with you psoas, the lower part of your back and your knees for these signs).

Do you see the reason now? This requires a tremendous effort from our site to heal our inner wounded child and still find the generosity to reach out. Healing is all about transcendence. How to get out of the Ego and swim into the expansion that love offers us. Healing is about transformation.

We can’t just imagine for a better world. We need to do the inner and outer work of dismantling and letting go of what’s no longer serving us in a higher frequency of the expression of ourselves.
How to let go of the conditioning. How to explore who we are. Because we still don’t know. We think we know, but we don’t.

The shock of 2020 is offering the gift to realize that we can be so much more than what we thought we could. We “simply” need to decide to ride the wave of change. To allow it.

This is a call for deep introspection and repair. This is a call for action, in case you didn’t notice being rather occupied with the external chaos that is served to us daily. Fear at its best! And it’s ok. We needed the shock. Some of us still do. It’s a strong and thick- energy structure that every one of us is here in this very moment on the planet to penetrate, bring it down and build something new in its place, a new collective that will be aligned more with love, personal worth, integrity, grace, unity and justice for all. We can no longer live separately from ourself either from the world, this is exactly what we need to transform: Separation.

We have an irreplaceable role to play. Believe in that. We are here for a reason.

Courage to love you. Courage to let others love you. Courage to believe you will be alright no matter what. You will survive this, simply because you can! Even if you don’t believe me right now. You can!

Stay playful, stay in love.