The title is not pompous, but,  full of meaning.

I thought of writing a few words about “alternative therapies”, that I would normally call – if I was involved in the creation of this term – “the therapies of 3”, where 3=soul, spirit, mind. My inspiration for this name is their complementary, meaning the western treatment of an issue = therapy of the body.

I think it would be important to give some clarifications on what to expect when one decides to look into these “alternative” fields.

A crucial difference between the two approaches is that the western one deals with the symptom acts fast and directly and alleviates pain. The alternative approach deals with the cause, alleviates pain, treats holistically the body and the symptom, acts in a long term basis and, at times, it urges us to “accept” the pain and not bypass it. In a broader sense, pain refers to something unbalanced or unsettling, something that needs discipline or forgiveness or acceptance or patience and physical pain.

These treatments usually take time. The body needs time in order to awaken the self-treatment codes that have fallen asleep over the years, due to medication taken and abuses. It is silly to believe that whatever has piled up over the years, can magically disappear with one or two therapies. The reason I am saying this is because this is the case. When a physical symptom appears, it is the result of months or years. We couldn’t possibly expect it to disappear in a few days, right?  The disease is the result of internal conflict and pain piled up in our body, mind and heart. If there was a pill that could cure this, we would all certainly take it, as nobody likes patience and slow motion. Besides, we live in the century of speed.

People rush to treat the symptom and ignore that internal disharmony will bring along another physical symptom (or the same one) in the future, and actually in the near future. Picture a steam engine. The steam needs to come out and it will do so. It will actually come out with greater intensity when we suppress it so that it doesn’t manifest itself.

The therapy proceeds at a slow pace, but, it is profound and opens gradually whatever needs to be “lightened up” every time, so that each person can continue working, interacting with others etc. You might not know it, but, if in one day we could remove all those that make us sick, then most probably we would experience a total break-down of the system that maintains us, a freeze of activity, numbness, depression, deep detoxification, pain and other symptoms. Therefore, it is better to approach our core step by step, carefully and patiently.

At the same time, it is all a matter of priorities. I refuse to believe that someone really wants to get healed and deal with his/her issues, when the only thing he/she does is complain about money, spend it on superficial things or claim that he/she doesn’t have time. Make time. Time will not find you. Even if we had 50 hours per day, we would still find a way to do something with them. As far as money goes, I believe that there can be always a solution to save some (as it has to do with our therapy). I also think that there is no therapist that would deny doing the best possible in order to facilitate financially the person addressed to him/her. A session in the bottom line the best investment for our future because it will offer psychological and physical balance and happiness.

A final point I want to make is trust in our self. Ignoring our divine aspect, it is normal for all of us to perceive it as incomprehensible, difficult, painful or bogus when someone tells us that we can self-heal our self by following the right procedures and with the right guidance. If you don’t believe in yourself, if you don’t believe in your powers, then yes, it is difficult to self-heal and let someone help you in this. You see, the reason that we don’t trust anyone is because in reality we don’t trust our own self. Take responsibility for your life; feel as if YOU are the great painter who will choose the colours in the pallet of your life. TODAY. The choice is only yours and nobody else will make it for you. It is not possible!

In this ext, I am not trying to refute western medicine. No way. We have taken great steps of progress and our doctors save lives on a daily basis through their marvellous practices. It is about time, though, to stress the importance of prevention regarding our mental-spiritual health. The day will come when everyone will be recognizing the crucial role of the patient himself/herself in his/her self-healing.

As I have said before several times, I believe it won’t be long before the two therapeutic approaches will move on holding hands and having in mind the improvement of human health and not money. There will come a day when all of us will have a personal pathologist as well as a personal homeopath and acupuncturist, we will practice Reiki, breathwork, meditation and generally –  not to mention all alternative therapies – we will have someone to help us deal with our  “inner self” and the reasons that make our body fall sick.

P.S. Miracles do happen! All therapists have experienced miracles, even with just one therapy. The reason I wouldn’t like to elaborate on this is not to raise expectations that might lead to disappointment or disdain. Miracles happen when there is faith, deep will for therapy and change, as well as awareness and the right timing.