I have a little surprise for you!

Three years ago I moved to an island very close to Athens. I needed to be closer to nature and enjoy life more!

This island is Aegina, a place with soft and feminine energy, very close to Athens (only a 40min ride with a fast boat).

Surrounded by water and mountains one has easy access for hiking or swimming, the weather is milder, the sun is present most days of the year, very quiet. These are the key elements of Aegina. The archaeological site of Afaia, builds a “sacred” triangle with Delphi and Acropolis – hence the energy field I sense here. You can’t help from falling in love with this place. And don’t get me started talking about the quality of the local products and the food. OMG, the amazing food we have here: fresh fish, fruits, local dairy products straight from the goats next door, the vegetables…

A great place for rejuvenation.

And here I am!

Enjoying myself as never before and experiencing a more meaningful life.

Do you wish to offer yourself the chance to enjoy, to relax and to spend time with me?

Why won’t you join me here?

I just finished a private retreat with a client from USA and she left the island with the Best impressions!

Organizing private retreats is something that I’ve started in 2018 in Corfu, so it’s a familiar experience to me. People need these short, meaningful, healing escape sessions to paradise spots.

More details…

Two options are available –but open to create a tailor-made plan for you

– a 3 -days intensive retreat

where we spent all day together exploring ideas and concepts, life and Yourself. Sessions and meditation is part of our daily routine. We enjoy the good food and explore the gifts of this place either with walks, hiking or swimming and sailing.

– a week-long retreat

where you receive a session every day and you use the rest of your day to enjoy yourself and explore. Taking your time and slowing down is a prerequisite for pleasure and integration. Spending time together during the day outside the session slot is optional and we will make arrangements accordingly.

Accommodation? Nothing to worry about

I’ll take care of everything. We can be really close by renting you my space or you can have more privacy with a villa or a hotel room. Renting my healing space- apartment gives us the possibility to connect directly but without compromising your privacy.

Single person or up to 4 people options are available.


Please note that I can organize something very special for you either in Corfu, in Athens, in Antiparos or Chiang Mai (Thailand) too. I’m choosing places that I know like the back of my hand, so I can show you the secret gems.

I spent the last 4 days having a private retreat with my therapist and trauma healer Roula immersed in my journey of self-acceptance, self appreciation, self-reliance, commitment, working through shame and self-disappointment and really looking at how I think, how I speak and how I show up …how I have expectations of others that I should really have of myself ..and my relationship with myself and too myself …

I could not have done this without the incredible brilliance, wisdom, reiki energy, healing and expertise of Roula …who gently steered me to me….

Forever grateful, humbled and released from feelings about myself that I could not release before… have worked with Roula twice in Aegina and in London and speak to her every week without fail…

Never losing the opportunity to have a 90 minutes session with her weekly. I could never have been so ok with myself …on this journey to me…. Without her support ….

Thank you so much Roula for an exemplary journey…Nothing feels better than feeling whole….

Mimi Levitas