Thank you for sharing your experience!

Meeting Roula was divinely orchestrated as I was going to be on corfu island weeks after I experienced the birth of our child samuel. The birthing process started as a beautiful home birth though it continued in the emergency room. Samuel came by c-section.

The overall experience was intensely beautiful, horrible & humbling. It was like all facets of Life displayed in one day.

My body stored this traumatic experience plus my organs were still not where they used to be before pregnancy.

I came along Roula’s Abdominal work and felt a BIG + scary YES.

Through Roula’s on-point guidance during our session, I could feel a lot of shedding, moving, releasing. Where I was holding on to. What needed to be released.

I could also feel how much stored energy / blockages Roula was able to get into the flow again with her work, experience, spirit & heart.

I’m really thankful.

My belly felt so much better after our session.
I felt more in place/ order / in my physical strength again.

I wish Roula was close and I could have a series of sessions so my body can come to homeostasis this way.

Thank you Roula for your commitment to your passion and sharing your divine body of work.

H. M. K.
I am very honoured to have come across Roula and her treatments. I have worked with her both in person (abdominal massage) and online (empowerment session) and she has truly opened new pathways and perspectives for me. Her sessions have supported me working through different layers and towards embracing all of who I am.
Each time I felt very safe and seen during all the sessions with her, always on eye level and with authenticity.

My belly massage session was Roula was amazing. I felt seen since the moment we began the session, and I learned much about my body and the emotions and patterns I stored with her intuitive touch alone. My body released emotions I didn’t know it had, and I encountered a state of calm awareness – as if a white light were lighting up my insides. A cleansing effect on my body began immediately, in the next few days, and other changes in my own emotions and thoughts were forthcoming. Five months later, I can feel how this one session connects to other changes towards clarity and openness in my life I’ve seen this year – physical, emotional, and experiential. For me, the belly massage I had with her was transformative. Thank you Roula! Antonio J.

A. J.

The session with Roula brought me to the unconscious deeply trapped emotions in my tissues, which were activated by emotional waves. With her work as well as with my breath these dissolved during I was able to stay in my body with attention. Big thing! Afterwards, I felt exhausted, but also reborn and at peace.

I was also deeply inspired by the way Roula designed the workshop. She touches you on several levels and creates a supporting energy field. I could take a step forward in my self-realization. Everyone who is seriously interested in inner work should not miss a session with Roula.

With gratitude, Katja


I am not certain the experience can be so easily described. Roula truly connects herself with your inner you. Always smart, sweet and very professional, her great knowledge is undeniable. On my side, she delicately untied invisible but tight knots from both my body and my soul. Abroad and thousands of kilometers away (she in Greece and I in Costa Rica), I wasn’t sure she could help me by video meeting; but she did! Through breathing techniques, targeted questions and reaching out energetically to me. Do I understand how she does it? No but she is helping me bringing out deep buried feelings which helps me bring answers to my questions and rebalance my energies.

I am eager to go through our next session.

C. C.

The healing session with Roula was a beautiful experience. Going deep and taking the tension of my belly seemed necessary to let the connected emotions appear on the surface. It was very intensive but Roula created a safe space where everything was allowed to be present.


Beautiful healing space, where everything falls into place. My body very much enjoyed the nourishing touch of Roula’s magical hands. Thank you!

Professionalità, competenza e passione!


The most amazing experience!

Highly recommended.

You have to go through a session with Roula to realise the power of one’s mind and spirit!

Thank you


A great session! A must-have experience with Roula in order to discover your inner self and get a better understanding of YOU!

Highly recommended!

Thank you Roula!

C .Μ.

I am seeing Roula for the past three years and have Thai healing massage sessions with her. Every time the experience is getting stronger and deeper.

Roula has helped me to overcome body and soul pain through therapeutic sessions which allowed me to become better with the world and myself.

Thank you, Roula! Can’t wait to meet with you again!


I would like to share my experience I have had from Reiki therapy ! There has been a major change of myself especially inside me! My Reiki therapist Roula has helped me find myself deeply inside me ! I have forgiven myself and people around me . I have come to terms with myself ; I have learnt to appreciate myself and love and care for myself ; where as in the past I hardly looked after myself !

I don’t get upset so easily about little matters and I feel more positive about life in general ! I don’t mind staying home alone and relaxing ! I appreciate the peaceful moments omg they are so precious to me now ! Thank god Roula has shown me this road and has helped me to see clearly what I really want down deep inside me !! Love and believe in oneself in order to be appreciated by your loved ones!


Roula is a healing master. She showed me in a Thai Healing Session my fear and anger rooted in my muscles. With her empathy and strength, I was able to let go of those old memories. I’m incredibly grateful to know this wonderful woman!


Roula is a great healer and a lovely soul. I experienced her twice for private healing sessions. She made me feel supported, protected and nurtured during the sessions. She hold a sacred space for me, she guided me with clarity, empathy and with her intuition through my healing journey. Magic unfold. I hope to meet with her again. Thank you Roula, I am happy having found you.

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