• Energy balance facilitator/ trainer
  • Online empowerment sessions
  • Reiki Master  (15. Rank- Usui S. R.)
  • Thai  healing massage (ITM ,  Master Pichest Boonthumme,   Felicity Joy keebaugh, Liz Koch,  David Lutt)
  • All of Me Integration
  • Crystal therapist  practitioner (Natural Health Science- NHS)
  • Meditation
  • Seminars
  • Kriya Yoga (Per, Shankarananda Baba)

Roula Papathanasiou works as energy balance facilitator.

Her driving force is the desire to help people improve their lives. She explores the intersections of spiritual practice, creativity and everyday mindfulness living in modern society. A process that has been immensely transformational for her life too.

She explores the intersections of spiritual practice, creativity and everyday mindfulness living in modern society.

Her studies started with Reiki, holding today the title of Reiki Master Usui Shiki Ryoho (traditional Reiki system), she then continued with Crystal Therapy and Reconnective Healing, before finding herself in Thailand. There, under the guidance of exceptional teachers, she started discovering her love for the profound touch through Thai Healing Massage and Osteopathy. She keeps visiting Thailand and Asia every year, constantly extending her knowledge.

She is constantly observing, how all aspects of life can be used towards awakening.

In her therapeutic sessions, she employs several techniques on different levels so that she can meet the core of every person and facilitate the therapy.

She uses a variety of modalities to connect with people’s soul, reveal their truth and remind them of “who they truly are”. She approaches the core issue of their imbalance (problem) whether on the physical or emotional body and she connects them to their trauma/ undeveloped parts. She creates a space where people can take some distance from the issues they’re dealing with, so that they gain a different perspective. This is an instant revitalizing process for everyone. After the session with her people report that they feel safe, calm, empowered, lighter, nurtured and often times they experience profound moments during the sessions.

In September 2021 she published her first book “The Wings of Change” (I-Write publication) where she explores the importance of living a conscious life during the inevitable changes. She inspires people how to get back in control and reminding them that they always have a choice on how to respond to the daily challenges. An opportunity for healing the trauma aka the victimized parts of them.
The English version will follow later this summer.

A few examples of the workshops/ self- awareness seminars she runs when invited:

  • Therapeutics of the Chakras
  • Who are you after all?
  • Exploring our energy body
  • Heart vs. Mind – Enemies or Allies?
  • Energy loss
  • Detoxification
  • Loving our self
  • The Art of Meditation (in Yoga Teacher Training Groups)
  • Mindfulness meditation through living
  • LIFE
  • Thai Healing Massage Workshop Level I, II, advanced courses
  • 3-days workshop about ancestors healing and freedom
  • Back to the Core – 5days Retreat focusing on the abdominal area

Until the building of her website, she was writing in her blog HUMAN STASIS and contributing with her articles to a few other blogs, like Rethymnoguide.

She shares her time between Athens and Aegina, but she travels often, either by organizing retreats with her groups or by giving therapies and teaching wherever she is invited (Crete, Antiparos, Corfu, Kos, Evia, Philippines, Germany, England, Thailand, Cyprus, Paris, etc.). In 2016 she concluded a 2 weeks retreat in Thailand with her group of students, that she had fully organized and conducted the hosting and teaching as well. In 2017 she was coordinating the Session Givers team in “Sound and Silence gatherings”, in 2018-2019 in “Ecstatic dance Corfu” and “Agape Zoe” in Corfu having in all 3 of them participations from all over the world and started a new collaboration with Corfu Buddha Hall.

In 2019 she was a guest facilitator in Manila (Philippines) for the workshop “Embodied women, a well-being immersion” and in Bali (Indonesia) she gave 2 presentations in Bali Spirit Festival “Get practical now! From awakening to the embodiment, an inspirating talk” and “Work on your abdomen, activation-healing-grounding”. In the same year, she gave 2 “Love your belly- release from stress” workshops in Agape Zoe Festival in Berlin and in 2020 in “5-years celebration Agape Zoe” she facilitated one more workshop “Walk Your Self Home” showing participants the way everything is connected inside our bodies through micro-movements.

She is an active member of Crimson Circle/New Energy and she has attended seminars of SES, Quantum Allowing, Aspectologie, Consciousness Unleashed, Kashama, Keahak, JOA, Master’s Life, Lee Harris and many others.

Roula believes that “as long as we are in connection with the Free, Higher part of Our Self, then, we are where we should be” and that “the path of healing begins with the decision of change and the realization of love and self-worth within us”.

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