Meditation groups

Meditation is mostly related to techniques of emotional-mental relaxation and peace, which help us decompress from everyday life and mental “noise”. Each meditation session involves different tasks, including – among others – learning the proper way of conscious breathing and its empowerment, body healing through universal energy and our own breath, mindfulness living, physical movement, healing visualizations, sound & motion, Tibetan practices and yoga breathing.

Our goal is for everyone to be able to practice on his own easy techniques anytime and anywhere, which will relax him and help him return to his center. And it works! It doesn’t take too much effort, but, the right way and will.

Anyone interested can join one of the groups on a weekly basis.

The whole session lasts about 1 hour.

The benefits of meditation are innumerable and its importance in our life is outstanding; practicing it with persistence, love, patience and an open heart helps people transform their whole being.

Please note that each group consists of a small number of participants for better results/experience.

Over the years, I have seen many people change their way of thinking, better handle their issues and learn how to relax the moment they need it the most. From this process, I couldn’t exclude myself; along with numerous others practicing meditation all over the world, I have noticed tremendous changes on my being as well.

In order to participate in the sessions, it is necessary to make a reservation. For more information and reservations, you can contact us here.

The groups are not drop-in classes, but instead a stable core of support and place of emotional encounters of the people forming them.

Meditation is not just another goal that someone should achieve or an obligation to fulfill; neither something to do when I have free time; nor a fad.

Learning to mediate is an endless life process; a practice for the soul. We do not meditate only when we are alone or when we have problems. We meditate to find our inner peace; to take a break from everything visible and tangible by entering a world of all that is not seen through the eyes, heard through the ears and acquired through money.

There are people who believe that they won’t be able to sit still to meditate. The truth is that there are countless mediation practices to fit all kinds of personalities.

I have also heard people saying that this sort of practices do not relate to Greeks. Discovering our Self is neither a privilege nor an endowment related to race, skin colour, social class or education level. It is the irremovable right and exclusive choice of each and every one of us.

Transmitting Yourself into the world