I will start this with a straight question:

Do you have any kind of relationship with yourself?

Because I see that we are doing our best to create and maintain relationships with others, our friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, but there is no time to create neither to explore the relationship with ourselves. For real. There are people that haven’t been on holidays alone, never! No judgment here, but seriously, how can we evolve in a true relationship with others if we don’t know the way to be in a relationship with our self first? Take a moment to think about it.

To perceive myself through Love is everything to me!

It’s being quite some time that I ‘ve started to understand, that the next day on this planet will only be sustainable, if Human Beings master the way of self-love.

How many times have I abused myself in the past (or even now?) and most importantly, in which ways? Un-imaginable number of times.

How many times am I playing out my belief systems (conditioning) or my traumas? How many times have I and only I put myself in a position to feel like a victim and that I had no choice in the matter? Same answer.

I ‘ve decided to Choose Myself and now, I am celebrating the courage to accept myself and what’s good for me every moment.

I am the Love that I seek.

I am unity and I am separation. It’s up to me to realize it every moment.

Over the time I have developed my own commitments. And I try my Best to stay in this frequency every day creating a life that I am happy to live.

So this text, it’s dedicated to all of us that suffer from the “fear of commitment”.

No commitments?

I have agreed with myself to commit to:

  •  live in freedom (even from my own perceptions, self-imposed slavery etc.)
  •  serve myself, so I can be the Best version for Me and contribute in this world in the best way possible
  •  recognize my needs and to honor them. It doesn’t matter when (today, now or as soon as possible). What’s important is, that I am Here for Me
  • feel the things I am saying rather than just “saying” them.  If they ring true to me
  • set nice, healthy boundaries
  • find and express my authentic self
  • thrive under all circumstances only by being Me (quit the implemented personas of my environment in order to be accepted)
  • love myself every day.  To love you freely, deep and unconditionally. To respect you, as I respect myself.  To support you the way I support myself. To hold the space for you while you are also exploring yourself
  • my loving relationships, because I want to keep on practicing love. Practicing my ability to feel the miracle of love
  • practice my passion- what is my passion? to explore my potentials
  • travel
  • help and support others only when my energy allows it
  • never again to allow other people’s manipulation, rejection, opinions about themselves projected on me or expectations to hurt me or take me out of balance
  • contribute in the best way possible every day for a better environment/community/ humanity
  • create beauty in this world
  • allow myself to have a voice
  • choose my thoughts
  • forgive myself that I’m not perfect, I’m not who you want me to be
  • explore, What/ Who makes me happy and then to find the Courage to support me in this
  • forgive myself and to bear with myself in my uncomfortable moments
  • be in freedom to change my mind when something no longer serves me. In freedom to choose again and again every day. To choose You again every day. To (un)choose my Creation every day
  • have the freedom not to know all the answers in a given moment

Thank you for reading so far. The truth is, it takes dedication to Be in Relationship with yourself. And I am learning it step by step. And I am enjoying it so much. I feel grateful to Be in this Life and to enter this window of consciousness.


Roula Papathanasiou

Picture from Denisa Sterbova