Now, more than ever before, the planet needs us. Many people are hoping for the change, while, others believe it will never come. Several are still trapped in the big sleep, while some others believe deep in their heart, that if you show trust, it all happens to the benefit of our Higher Good, and that everything IS exactly the way it should be.

I would like to elaborate on the tool named Reiki, as I believe that there is a need for people to get informed,   to take responsibility of their life, wake up from the big sleep and escape from fear. For this cause, all of us that work on human nature, we have opened up our horizons of self-knowledge in order to achieve deeper levels of therapy, regardless of the tools one uses during the process. We are all united. (This article accompanies an original article that can be found at the following link .



  • Helps in deep self-knowledge and the elevation of the Soul to higher levels
  • Enlightens all our aspects and facilitates us to accept them through time and in a manner that is appropriate for each one of us
  • Releases the capabilities of our mind and body, as written down on our DNA code
  • Enlightens all that stems from the SELF and empowers the effort of humans to gradually get rid of behaviours that derive from fear
  • Allows the return to the SOURCE, the spirit, the WHOLENESS, the US
  • Assists the opening up of the heart
  • Clarifies and sets straight all the misconceptions that lie in our mind distorting our reality and restraining our ability to attract possibilities that are out there waiting for us
  • Helps us attract all the opportunities and realize our ideas, as it all depends on energy, and, we are in New Energy
  • Promotes positiveness and the elimination of fixations, that are usually negative and obsessive
  • Achieves unification and contact with our Higher Self, our inner world

When one observes that human pain to a large extent is attributed to information that stems from the SELF and the mind, then, it is obvious that the suffering comes from a wrong system of convictions upon which one’s life is based. Therefore, by enlightening and clearing up these convictions, then each one of us has the ability to attract better things in life. By opening up the heart and illuminating these fears, an individual can be happier every day, and, can start again to believe in oneself, led by the divine sparkle that everything is possible.

This method does not work through the mind, but, through love, light and the heart. This is why we learn to feel and not to think. We have been thinking all our lives, and, actually, we have been trained to think so extensively, just like perfect robots do. But, when it comes to the heart, we are all still at kindergarten! We are all possessed by fear, power, rivalry, pain, selfishness and behind all this, there is constantly a voice well-fostered by society, the system, our parents, our social environment and our experiences – watch out!!!   As a result we all live in fear.

Who can be certain enough to say that his or her heart is expressed with honesty, integrity and consistency? Can one be sure that the games that the SELF plays are put aside in order to protect us? There are some people that have the inherent ability to do so easily, as compared to others. For the rest of us that this has not been a natural outcome, there is therapy, in the form of help by acquiring all the necessary tools that one needs in order to lead his or her own way of personal development.

It is necessary to open up our hearts and look at the world through a different view. Through the eyes of a child that has no bitterness, anger or second thoughts. A gaze of innocence and compassion. Of forgiveness and love.


Note: I would like to clarify that the role of the therapist is supportive and not invasive or manipulative with the excuse of therapy. On the contrary, it is all about the concordance between the Higher Self of the person under therapy, the Higher Self of the therapist and the Spirit. This method has proven to be totally safe without any counter-indications. In the highest spiritual level, everything takes place in a natural and almost “magic “way.


Light  Love  Gratitude

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