Our body is the Shrine of our Soul; without a healthy body, we cannot realize all the things that we want; when our body aches we cannot think clearly and we cannot dream and make plans for tomorrow when our body is sick. Everyone is aware of all that. Have you noticed though how badly we treat our body daily? How little we know about its function? Do you know that maybe the worst enemy of our body is the Mind, the false system of perceptions that everyone carries and the ignorance of the miraculous capacities of self-treatment of our body? Actually let me refute, to say that the worst enemy is the fact that we were born within the Western Civilization, where if you are not anxious, then you are lazy if you don’t work like a dog all day long, then you are not worth a career or you are not productive enough, you have no right to get sick (which is when the body aborts all germs and blockages), and as so many people depend on us, you have to take some medication, as there is no time to get sick. Besides, who bothers after all with the cause of illness? We all want to take a pill and get over and done with it. Right? It’s easier and saves us time. I get it.

Throughout the day, our body is worn out by all our activities. Several causes accentuate aging, induce diseases, impede our natural moves and lead to light or heavier stiffness as time goes by:

οur Mind

unhealthy nutrition

lack of exercise (active or passive, like Thai massage)

our bad habits

the excessive hours of sitting


our “distresses” and worries

Signs. Any disease that breaks out in our body, is most of the times the result of psychological pressure and sentimental blockages (chronic or not). Recent statements (i.e. John Hopkins Hospital) re-approach this thought simply to prove what has been known for ages in China, India and Ancient Greece. There are also many doctors who embrace the holistic approach of treating the human body (i.e. Berrebda Fox).

Our body tries to distract our attention through the break out of physical disease. In other words, it is trying to tell us that “something is not going well and I want us to change this or that”. At this point, all of us – the terrific technocrats – we give up and it is so ironic that we do not understand our own body! Taking medication (only in the cases that it can be avoided) works as a bandage and does not treat the cause, resulting in this way in the repetition of the same or another problem. Picture our body as a steam engine, where you should let steam off somehow. The steam is the problem; the way out is the manifestation of the disease. When one blocks the way out (with medication), then the body will attempt to wreak the problem somehow else. Our body functions in a magic way!

This article does not imply in any way that we should reject western medicine. No way! Everything is necessary, everything in moderation. It is not possible to reject classical medicine that evolves in such an admirable way, helping millions of people daily. Simply put, western and eastern medicine should move on side-by-side and it seems that it won’t be long until this day comes!

The power of our Mind. Positive thinking and a healthy system of beliefs are capable as such to decrease the malfunctions within the human organism. The power of the Mind is still unknown to us, as humans tend not to believe in something that cannot be proved with numbers, cannot be touched and cannot be seen. Still, there are infinite things around us that simply cannot be measured, but, they do exist! One of these is the power of our Mind. As positively as we lead our day and our life, that happier we can feel and that responsive our body can be. It is not accidental that doctors tell their patients who have a limited span of life, that with the right nutrition, the right living conditions, and positive thinking, they can extend their life, while, on the contrary, bad psychology, among other factors, can be fatal in terms of aggravating a disease. When I tell my body that it can make it and it can endure a hardship (for instance, an incredibly exhausting day), then, the body will “obey” me, whereas, it will not “hold” me when I complain. Do not be impressed as well when after some serious psychological distress, our body, immediately or sometime later, collapses and breaks out in some disease or disharmony (pimples, hair loss, eye-sight loss, constipation, and others). This happens, because when we relax psychologically, then our body receives the message that it can stop living on the edge and it can “relax” as well. The consequence of this “relaxation” is the manifestation of some illness that is caused (but not manifested) by the psychological stress we have been through.

Let’s not stress that much for everything, let’s laugh more, let’s allow some things go out of our control, let’s live every moment with our whole being and let’s not worry that much for tomorrow. Don’t forget, tomorrow is not here yet, only today is what exists. Let’s get involved in things that offer us happiness and pleasure and, driven by confidence, let’s put aside all things that are not up to us to resolve. Let’s not feel sad for something that cannot change or something that changes.

The power of self-treatment. Why is it that our body can recover from a minor burn or a sore, but, cannot recover from more serious diseases? Is there some sort of meter in its capabilities? Alternative medicine and in general the eastern lifestyle has many methods to teach us with breaths (asanas), sound healing, massage, everyday movement, meditation, alternative techniques (i.e. Reiki), detoxification and others, that unblock the channels of the flow of energy in our body, enhance faith in Our Self, calm our spirit and mind and bring us back to our center, where everything exists in harmony. The natural state of humans is Harmony and not Disharmony. And yes indeed, our body with the appropriate training, discipline, patience and persistence, faith, Love and Acceptance can, in many cases, cure itself.

Our body is the vehicle for us to stay Alive, have dreams for tomorrow and be in the position to realize them. Let’s treat it better then! The choice is ours. We deserve it.