Therapy occurs sometimes in levels we cannot imagine and in ways we cannot be aware of; ways that we cannot define in advance, but only the moment we are consciously ready, or not, to accept therapy. In out times there are so many people who develop- especially during periods of recession –  serious symptoms of stress and illnesses and most of them are psychosomatic diseases linked to inbalanances and toxicity.

We have really strayed from this unique harmony between body and spirit. Sometimes therapy is about forgiving, acceptance and clearing. The way we breathe, the awareness of what we are or who we are not, the apprehension of our surroundings and the realization of our Source/ our Creator, are all things that cause some load displacement within us, guiding to therapy.

Therapy is our desire to change and through that you are already half-way to the end result. Change is the proof that we want to escape lethargy and the deceiving dream in which people live and have not even suspected that there might be something beyond it. Therapy is not about someone getting hair in one day or having money fall from the sky. Out of experience, I can only make assumptions about the levels of therapy, because we are multidimensional beings and we get sick in multiple levels…Where to start from…the karma level, the level in our DNA, our system of beliefs, the protection mechanisms that our body has activated which eventually, though, lead to illness as well (in other words, to the  blocking of energy inside us), remedy for our spiritual level, healing of our traumatic experiences, genes…these are all examples, are all causes leading to the outbreak of some disease, whether mental or physical.

Everything resides inside us; both good and bad. It is a matter of choice where I decide to place my attention. All the answers and the therapy I need are hidden inside me, but, are in latency (=are dormant). It is pointless for someone to believe that healing will happen by following the same pattern in life. Healing capabilities within our body do not unlock by watching TV, eating junk, neglecting one’s temple – the body that is – , not exercising spirituality, having constant feelings of fear and worries, obeying to the mind and being prey to emotions, fears, hormones and urges. It is simply pointless. Healing has never happened this way and I am not sure if it will ever happen following that route.

Whomever seeks therapy – even unaware of where, how and why to do so – should just express the intention consciously and remain open to receive it. Then, change will come. Observe! Then, masters/helpers/therapists/all those who will lead the way will come. It is up to us to let go of fear and become part of this process…proving that, indeed, we wanted to receive therapy.