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Germany May 2019 (private sessions and workshops)

Φόρτωση Εκδηλώσεις
Αυτή η εκδήλωση έχει τελειώσει.

Dear friends

In this time of change we are challenged to see ourselves rising up to the occasions and to bring harmony and love into our lives in the Best way possible each time.

I am happy to Be at this service for others and for myself.

Therefore, I return to Germany to facilitate 2 workshops and personal sessions as usual.

The dates are
5-13 May in Dortmund – for personal sessions please contact Mrs Gesa Renzenbrink.

14-25 May in Berlin- available for personal sessions please contact me.


Apart from healing sessions in Berlin, please take some time to read about my 2 new workshops. Feel free to share with someone you know, who would be very happy to be part of these. Thank you!


1) Workshop presentation+ healing sessions @ Agape Zoe festival No 19

It is with great honor to facilitate a workshop this time in Agape Zoe, as well as healing sessions of one hour. For more information please visit the link  here


Make sure you buy your ticket and enjoy 2 days filled with workshops, a loving community, great food and support.


2) “Activate your abdomen, release emotional blockages”

2-day workshop @Sense Healing Space

I am so excited to facilitate this 2-day workshop in Berlin and share my knowledge with this loving and conscious community. If you feel the call, this is a must-do workshop for you!

Please take some time and read the details:

In the 1. part of the workshop I will go through the map of our abdominal area. What is your abdomen telling You?

I will teach the energy connection between our emotions, the 2. and 3. chakra and our organs in the abdominal area. In this way I invite you to take responsibility of yourself in the most loving way, the way of understanding, who you are so You can open the doors of acceptance.

In the 2. part of the workshop, I will invite you to an experiential journey under my guidance. You will have the chance to experience for yourself the teaching material, as you will make a profound connection with your Body.

More information here

i hope to see you all very soon

with love

Roula Papathanasiou

 For Bio please have a look here


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