Thai healing massage
Where Technique meets Light and Energy

It is about a personalized technique that is based on Thai Massage and which simultaneously achieves the following:

  • Bodily pain discharge
  • Light inflow
  • New input registration
  • Spine alignment
  • The psychosomatic blockages that might rise on the specific moment, come on the surface (consciously or unconsciously for the person taking the therapy) and this way their healing starts!
  • The Massage takes place without causing any new inflammations, as the therapist “listens” attentively to the body and its needs, without  simply applying a series of massage techniques
  • An internal connection of the body as a whole starts occurring
  • Waves of energy and information transcend the body, allowing each human being to experience this emotion
  • Sentimental blockages withdraw to the extent that a body allows it and is ready to accept therapy
  • Recommended for people suffering from tendonitis, strained shoulders/waist/hips/back, wrong posture or cervical issues.

In particular, during the abdominal massage, realized either as part of the holistic massage or as a separate session, we can release the tension accumulated in the inner organs, the muscles, the tendons by bringing them back at their normal state. In addition, with the help of Osteopathy, the therapist can help in the detoxification of our organs,  in the recovery of the movement of the inner organs and the connective tissue (fascia). The area of the pelvis carrying some very crucial muscles and tendons is one of the first parts to examine in a body in order to identify the balance, the mobility, the energy flow and other parameters that are largely responsible for pains in the waist, the back, the hip, the iliopsoas and the sacroiliac joint, as well as for problems at the intestines, the toxicity of the body, the skin, pregnancy, sexual activity, the proper breathing and diaphragm functioning, the glands and the immune system.

Do you know why I find this piece of information so important that I wanted to share it with you?

It is because I always wanted to have an open and continuous dialogue with the body and also because it is crucial for your therapist to be able to listen to YOU – and not to the noise of his/her brain – and grasp the DIVINE aspect of the body transferring information always combined with the correct and articulate technique methods.

Isn’t it great to know that your therapy will last as long as you need it…as in this sort of massage, therapy depends on you and what is necessary for you every time.

After experiencing such a massage, people told me that they got connected with their inner being, they started getting a feel of their body, they observed changes in their body, they made decisions, they released long-lasting emotional charges holding them back, they felt their Divinity, they became more conscious of their existence, they felt rejuvenated body and soul, they became optimistic and showed trust to their Self, and experienced other things too.

Each therapy is truly unique. It doesn’t matter what every person has to narrate out of this experience, but, what matters is the union between the therapist and the person taking the therapy, all achieved in a higher level. Therefore, every therapy for every person is different from the previous one, and, therapies differ as well among people.

It would be great for whoever decides that what is being written here concerns him/her (without necessarily realizing why) to come with a heart wide open.  Full of desire to become an active part of the therapy!

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