Thai healing massage

It is about a personalized technique that is based on Thai Massage and which simultaneously achieves the following:

  • Bodily pain discharge
  • Light inflow
  • New input registration
  • Spine alignment
  • The psychosomatic blockages that might rise on the specific moment, come on the surface (consciously or unconsciously for the person taking the therapy) and this way their healing starts!
  • The Massage takes place without causing any new inflammations, as the therapist “listens” attentively to the body and its needs, without simply applying a series of massage techniques.
  • An internal connection of the body as a whole starts occurring.
  • Waves of energy and information transcend the body, allowing each human being to experience this emotion.
  • Sentimental blockages withdraw to the extent that a body allows it and is ready to accept therapy.
  • Recommended for people suffering from tendonitis, strained shoulders/waist/hips/back, wrong posture or cervical issues.

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Abdominal massage

Abdomen – the second brain of the human being and its care.

Abdominal massage helps in illnesses manifested on the digestive and gastrointestinal systems related to the stomach, intestines, liver, bile, spleen, peritoneal bag, as well as to postoperative cases, scars and tissue which has not been properly absorbed causing problems of space or in between other organs. Healing of all the above is just one of the main benefits of abdominal massage; the other has to do with energy renewal and activation in the specific area thanks to the flow of chi we are working on. Our chi is responsible for our sexual and reproductive activity; it is the boss of our kidneys; the key holder of depression or joy; the regulator of several glands.  Yes, it is that important.

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We recommend that you avoid the consumption of food and coffee about one hour and a half before your session in order to facilitate the work on your body.

It would be good to dress comfortably (i.e. in a track suit, leggings and soft T-shirts). The therapy is realized with your clothes on.

To have the chance to better unwind from every day stress, we suggest you give yourself the necessary time for your therapy.

The session lasts 2 hours, including the diagnosis and guidance you will receive afterwards. Massage techniques suitable for all body types are applied, adapted to the state of the muscle system and the abdominal organs, as well as to the elasticity and flexibility of the skin.

The  therapist, Roula Papathanasiou,  “observes” the parts of your body where the energy lines are blocked (meaning the parts where the energy doesn’t go through) and acts accordingly. By seeing on your aura the significantly loaded parts, she can direct the energy through specific massage techniques to achieve balance. Guided breathing contributes to the desired result. Most people enter a state of deep relaxation that the body recognizes as sleep, but their awareness is related to the therapist. The body is released and the energy recovered. People come into obvious contact with their body, realizing the way that all its parts are interconnected. Relief is evident.

We offer you plenty of water; it is highly recommended to stay hydrated throughout the day so that the toxins can be discarded from your body through urination. During the first three days to follow, the body finds its new position. Then, you will notice the changes achieved and this is an outcome that lasts and will not go away easily, as the therapy takes place on an energy level, apart from the physical level.

Private Coaching

This is a private session with Roula Papathanasiou. The session is formed according to your needs, available time and knowledge. Explore techniques and the secrets of the body, whether you are at a beginner’s level or at an advanced level.

Corporate program

  • If you have a celebration and you want to offer to your guests the pleasure of a mini, yet complete, massage session – practiced on a special chair, massage table or the traditional mat – there is no better treat! A truly special way to say “Thank you” to your collaborators.
  • Weekly visit by Roula Papathanasiou and her team at your company’s premises, where 15-20’ sessions of stress alleviation and handling of physical issues through breathing techniques or massage take place. Option for customized regular sessions of reiki or yoga.

The above practices are widely applied in companies abroad, enhancing, among other things, the performance and relations of employees.

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Contact Roula in order to plan together the program that best suits the needs and vision of your company.

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