While travelling, I always observe the common issues that trouble the citizens of every country; different experiences and lessons for each people.

In Greece, it is pretty obvious to me the extent to which we are working on our self-worth. Wherever I find myself, I notice it daily – the way that people talk, the amount of anger out there, the aspect of unfairness and justice as the prevailing pattern, the numerous problems people are faced with and their position among all this. It all sums up in the lack of aesthetics and kindness towards our self; in the lack of …good treatment of our self.

When there is imbalance between what I get and what I give, when I see that some aspects of my life are not evolving despite my efforts, when I feel anger and injustice, it is probably the time to examine – with love and courage towards my being – whatever I haven’t (still) understood.

This 3.5-hour seminar will focus on the topic of self-esteem from several viewpoints in relation to our self, to others, to society, to abuse etc. We will try to find out for how long this issue has been affecting us through our family environment and we will attempt to solve it. We will also examine physical issues that might occur due to this situation and see how we can set ourselves free.

Why and how do I act against myself and others?

You are all aware of the numbers of people, of fellow human beings, who are drowning into anger and self-pity. Personally, I don’t believe that this is the result of the recession, but, instead that the recession has been the excuse which highlighted our problem.

It’s about time we did something about this. I firmly believe it. Change comes from within – we all know that. By helping one self, each one of us can possibly transmit some hope to others by pointing out their self-worth and helping them start all over.

We will work on both on an energy and practical level, while we will be also meditating. We will find again the joy in our self. The seminar intends to be an ode to self-worth, away from the narcissism, egoism and thus lack of self-esteem that contemporary society has mistakenly attributed to it.

Saturday 17/12/16, 16:00-19:00

Human Stasis Studio – 12, Fokionos Street, Syntagma, Athens

Saturday 18/2/17 – NICOSIA, CYPRUS

–          Participation cost: 35€ (plus VAT)

–          Registration and deposit (15€) up to 25/1/17 for better seminar arrangements

–          Deposits are non-refundable

Some instructions:

–          Please bring along your yoga or exercise mat.

–          Have pen and paper with you to keep notes.

Possibly the best gift for you for the New Year! Truly.

If you feel the urge, I will be happy to have you in the seminar!