The story of our adulthood

Over the last few years I get the feeling that the challenges which unfold before us are increasing and we are working towards understanding ourselves faster than ever. As a result, we get tired and we often want to give up or, to rephrase, simply want to enter into a “survival” rhythm of living, in order to just get passed the day.

Life has wonderful secrets and gifts to offer us generously, and we can’t enjoy them. Why is that?

The conscious choice

Two paths unfold ahead of us as we become more conscious of our evolution.

On one road we are fully or partially in the child’s position, i.e. we are still minors. This automatically puts us in the victim’s position, which is why we feel powerless. My power is outside of me, someone else is managing it.

Take a moment to feel this, it’s there…

The part inside of me that is still a child is waiting from an external source, someone else to give it his rights, to nourish it, to take it somewhere, guide it, to give it the platform he needs to be able to respond. It needs someone to give him value – attention – show interest, someone to love him… We have given these responsibilities to our nursing parent among all his other roles, to the school, to our partners, to the state, to our friends, to our boss and, the latest trend, to our Guru – savior, although the system of religion – church has always been playing this role as well. All of them being external sources. Therefore we were deceived and haven’t learnt to look within us. The maximum distraction.

Who am I?

We are an angry and confused community of people. With many complaints and a lot of bitterness. And a lot of drama also. It is no coincidence that we have an increase in autoimmune diseases and cancer. Everything is also associated to our psychology.

We request from the state to show us pour value and it does NOT accept it. We feel constantly unjust.

We seek love from our partner, but we live in the era of disposable marriages and easy break-ups. (Do you know how many marriages and relationships would have been saved if both sides practiced self-knowledge? If they understood that we are all Creators of everything? Also, how many marriages would have been freed from one another in a more decent way?)

We ask for guidance from all types of groups, but both, them and their representatives are all blinded from the power and strength the love and weakness of the people gives them.

We need the courts to help us find our rights, we need the state to help us fix our lives, I need you help me not feel lonely and to give me my worth.

Here, I would like to also add the existence of God as an outside source, to whom I have to pray and ask him to do what I want him to. But somewhere inside me I have hidden anger about the world I live in and “how God allows this to be”. And also, anger, that God outside of me, doesn’t do something for me, and the feeling of injustice is perpetuated.


Therefore, we are educated in a passive-aggressive behavior pattern. We are a generation that likes to change the world through online media and TV. We have not learnt healthy Action. We have been oppressing our feelings for years and they suddenly burst out clumsily and unintelligibly sometimes or with diseases in other cases.

The other road is the one towards self-realization and self -awareness.

I will find the way to give myself what I need.

I will empower to become my own mentor.

I will take ownership of myself and the overall responsibility of my life.

I choose to live in the light of joy and avoid the allure of drama.

I vindicate of myself, my right in joy, in love, in abundance.

Seeking integration into Myself.

I check the energy footprint that I leave on this planet and act accordingly.

I check my thoughts, my feelings and my actions. Not easy. And yes, it is knowledge conquered in a lifetime.

Feel it…

I learn to trust myself and to serve my right to live.  There is nothing better than knowing yourself and loving him. The reward is the Awakening and the awareness of the Creator that you are, the Divine part of you, the Oneness. Only then the One that I am becomes easily Together. Only then we will have harmonic and complete relations with our neighbor, the state, the environment. When two people are treated as autonomous systems that want to share their selves and co-exist, these relations are clear and with potentials of longevity. All kinds of relationships.

I do not beg to God, but I Thank Him! I am not a victim, but I Act. My action begins with the recognition of what I have every day, who I am, for every challenge that makes me become a more cultured species, for every person that comes in his way to teach me something. To me, The Student and Teacher of my Self!

This planet can and will do better. Thanks to us!

 In Light Love Gratitude and Service

(Athens, 2012)