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Human Stasis

“The first thing I felt when I entered this place was its serene and fulfilling energy. The natural light was giving the room honey-colored reflections which soothed my mind from the noise I was carrying from the outside world, while I felt intensively that I was expanding. I call this energy; others would call it a nice place; no matter the word, it is a fact that you feel good when you are in this space. This was and continues to be my sensation from the Human Stasis studio”. Roula Papathanasiou

In our space, we prefer highlighting simplicity through the white colour. We want the gaze to rest; we want, under the watchful eye of the Acropolis, for people to feel the energy of the sacred rock, one of the greatest monuments-symbols in the world. Whatever was – and still is – of significance maintains its essence… The calmness of the place is unprecedented, although it is at the heart of events; the location is unique as it gives the chance for beautiful strolls in the alleys of the historic center of Athens.

The studio offers individual healing massage and reiki sessions, as well as individual and group meditation sessions, seminars, yoga and dance classes.

Access via metro
Syntagma | Monastiraki stops
Access via all buses





Roula is a great healer and a lovely soul. I experienced her twice for private healing sessions. She made me feel supported, protected and nurtured during the sessions. She hold a sacred space for me, she guided me with clarity, empathy and with her intuition through my healing journey. Magic unfold. I hope to meet with her again. Thank you Roula, I am happy having found you.


Roula is a healing master. She showed me in a Thai Healing Session my fear and anger rooted in my muscles. With her empathy and strength, I was able to let go of those old memories. I’m incredibly grateful to know this wonderful woman!


I would like to share my experience I have had from Reiki therapy ! There has been a major change of myself especially inside me! My Reiki therapist Roula has helped me find myself deeply inside me ! I have forgiven myself and people around me . I have come to terms with myself ; I have learnt to appreciate myself and love and care for myself ; where as in the past I hardly looked after myself !

I don’t get upset so easily about little matters and I feel more positive about life in general ! I don’t mind staying home alone and relaxing ! I appreciate the peaceful moments omg they are so precious to me now ! Thank god Roula has shown me this road and has helped me to see clearly what I really want down deep inside me !! Love and believe in oneself in order to be appreciated by your loved ones

Α. F.
Transmitting Yourself into the world