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7 weeks meditation

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Dear friends and community,

I am happy to announce that I will introduce a 7 -weeks circle starting February 18th.

Every gathering will be dedicated to a guided meditation by me, connection through sharing in a safe space to explore our issues and mindful – presence training.

This is the first time I do it online for all of my friends abroad and I am so happy about the potential to connect with all of you.

There is a possibility to extend this circle for more gatherings.









from 19.00-20.30pm  Greek time (GMT 5 pm). (Please note there will be a possibility for a recorded session-  you can send your questions or desired topics for discussion and I will address them).


The 7 gatherings package will be offered at the hot price of 150€.

Bring a new friend and pay 120Euros each (friends/ couples rate 240e! ) No refund.


All participants are required to respect the virtual space and contribute to the creation of high energy level in our group- therefore we ask you to be present as a co-creator. Please don’t worry how you will do this, I will guide you through everything.

We will ask you to turn off your cell phone (not to be disturbed and disturb others), avoid eating or drinking anything but water or doing any other activities.

We suggest you create a comfortable and quiet space in your house where you will be able to enjoy yourself in this virtual space. Maybe you want to provide yourself with cushion, a candle or flowers.  Aesthetics of the outer environment is important to awake our inner sense of aesthetics.

The gatherings will be interactive and hence we will ask you to keep your camera on at all times.

Invest in Your Self

I plan to work with our inner child, chakras healing, vipassana mindful techniques, somatic micro-movement and addictions, among others.

This is a beautiful opportunity to connect, to get proper training and to enjoy our presence together.

Such a great opportunity for me personally as I have more time in my hands than usual since my 1. book now is on its way to publication! (Yeah!! super happy!)

If you have missed going into healing territories with yourself and feel the need to bring more balance in your week, then don’t hesitate and connect with me now and book your spot.

As always, I am available for one on one online sessions to work with YOU on the things that block your way to harmony and inner peace.

More information here https://roulapapathanasiou.com/en/online-empowerment-sessions/

Check out the testimonial of people that worked with me, maybe something resonates with you too https://roulapapathanasiou.com/en/testimonials/

** Feel free to share this with your community, or your circle of friends and people in need of psychological support **




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