We all have parts which impede us from getting where we want and from being the Creator of our life. There are times that these parts come up as a painful memory, as obstacles or as repeating patterns which we cannot understand why they keep occurring in our life.

Modern people have still not recognized these parts as their own Creations and, thus, “choose” the solution of withdrawing their energy (I abandon my dreams) or becoming a victim (I undertake a passive-aggressive role; I experience depression, self-defeat, anger; I am afraid to move on or I don’t know how to move on).

Throughout my course so far – and in combination with knowledge that has personally helped me – I have been noticing that more and more people are coming for a therapeutic session in order to heal their troubled parts, without labeling them though. After thinking about it thoroughly and confirming that this has helped me as well, I have been organizing my sessions lately in the following way.

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Transmitting Yourself into the world