Abdomen – the second brain of the human being and its care


Abdominal massage helps in illnesses manifested on the digestive and gastrointestinal systems related to the stomach, intestines, liver, bile, spleen, peritoneal bag, as well as to postoperative cases, scars and tissue which has not been properly absorbed causing problems of space or in between other organs. Healing of all the above is just one of the main benefits of abdominal massage; 


The other has to do with energy renewal and activation in the specific area thanks to the flow of chi we are working on. Our chi is responsible for our sexual and reproductive activity; it is the boss of our kidneys; the key holder of depression or joy; the regulator of several glands. Yes, it is that important.


Often times we can ease the pain in other parts of the body, like lower back pain or shoulder pain, through the abdominal work that we do. Sometimes even with one session is possible to find and successfully deal with the cause of the problem.


Through this massage – which I had the chance to learn some years ago by a larger-than-life therapist in Thailand (who is practising it on the priests and kings of the country) – we redirect the energy of the individual towards the right channels to rejuvenate the cell and confront its ageing.


Unique benefits

During the session we can address issues related to constipation, detoxification (lymphatic system and the organs), stored memories in the organs (that subsequently act like programs in the subconscious directing our decisions, our preferences, our choices), we work with our energy lines and with issues concerning our energy centres (chakras) such as addictions, shame, guilt, safety, death and survival, sexual energy, mobility and obesity issues, nutrition and fatigue. In each session, we address only what is appropriate for the person, in other words, what is it that he truly needs at this moment in order to move on to the next level in his life.


I work with this healing technique either in one on one sessions or in workshops that I teach. You can have a look here at an event that took place in Corfu



Fertility healing session

Besides that, this massage enhances the female reproductive system. I am very happy to see that women I have practised abdominal massage on have all managed eventually to have children. I need to clarify that all these women had some kind of psychological fear based on personal beliefs/ trauma or memories written on their reproductive organs or fears hidden in the subconscious level


I take over women who  

  • already have tried in vitro fertilization which didn’t work  
  • they have already taken medication that didn’t work 
  • they are scared they wouldn’t be able to have children  
  • even have medical reports proving that they are in excellent health but still can not have children. Nobody can explain “why”.

In my sessions, I work with the invisible to the eye factors.


The truth is that it is the first time I am announcing this in detail, as one of my patients recently told me that the article I had posted in the past didn’t exactly explain how all this worked. The way it worked was through word-of-mouth among the women attending these massage sessions. So, I felt it was about time to say a few more things about abdominal massage.


Everything that we experience in our bodies is a result of energy imbalance, which leads to blockages and prevent the normal self-healing and –function of our body. By working on these blockages- traumas we release the body from them and Self-healing starts again.

As we grow older we learn about the marvellous world of our body and this exceptional vehicle we call “human being”.


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