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Self-worth seminar

While travelling, I always observe the common issues that trouble the citizens of every country; different experiences and lessons for each people. In Greece, it is pretty obvious to me the extent to which we are working on our self-worth. Wherever I find myself, I notice it daily – the way that people talk, the amount of anger out there, [...]

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Speaking of therapy

Therapy occurs sometimes in levels we cannot imagine and in ways we cannot be aware of; ways that we cannot define in advance, but only the moment we are consciously ready, or not, to accept therapy. In out times there are so many people who develop- especially during periods of recession -  serious symptoms of stress and illnesses and most [...]

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Mummy, when will I grow up?

The story of our adulthood Over the last few years I get the feeling that the challenges which unfold before us are increasing and we are working towards understanding ourselves faster than ever. As a result, we get tired and we often want to give up or, to rephrase, simply want to enter into a “survival” rhythm of living, in [...]


Here are some thoughts of mine… I am sitting in a little shop waiting for my food to come.  A couple is sitting next to me and we talk for a while. In a foreign country you talk practically to everyone. Soon I realize that the lady is suffering from Parkinson’s disease as her head and her hands are in [...]

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Time for Self-love Club

What is the difference between giving yourself what you think you want and getting what you truly need? Truly blessed when I get what I truly need in the moment, because this is exactly where I need to be to re-balance, so as to be able to move on to the next step in my life. No, my life is [...]

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To be in relationship with yourself

I will start this with a straight question: Do you have any kind of relationship with yourself? Because I see that we are doing our best to create and maintain relationships with others, our friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, but there is no time to create neither to explore the relationship with ourselves. For real. There are people that haven’t been [...]

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